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Adventures in health

Last week started normally enough. Sunday I decided to make myself a delicious meatloaf. This one involved rye bread crumbs, loads of garlic, and I tried substituting all liquids with dopple-bock. Once thoroughly cooked my only problem with it was there was a little too much liquid -- The same problem I have with lasagnas -- I use fresh veg, and forget to account for their natural wateriness. An error I will hopefully not be making again. Monday and Tuesday I ate the hell out of that thing; sometimes by itself, sometimes in sandwiches, sometimes crumbled up in eggs. When it was gone, I missed it a little bit, but time marched on.

This one is long and kinda boring, but also kinda interesting.Collapse )

the end of a day...

after a lazy day at work and a good night of drinking and chatting, I couldn't have asked for a better turnout than to come home to a baking dish full of hamburgers and a note on the fridge that says, "PLZ eat meat!"

(almost) endless enjoyment.

As I peruse this site, I can't stop giggling. I think it's safe for work, but don't take my word for it.

Photoshop Disasters

oh brains...

Thanks to scattered conversations with martinjdekay and deathshead23 on Tuesday night, it was made my job to dredge up some digital copies of interesting films from the past. For the past 10ish hours I've been watching:

Taxi Driver
Fear of A Black Hat and
Kentucky Fried Movie

I'm afraid of what kind of dreams I'm going to be having in a minute.

think too much...

At the radio station last night, I found my mind constantly wandering. usually I'm content to kick back, play a little solitaire, and keep the music rolling. There was no solitaire last night. There was no reading of comics or news articles; there was no checking of daily deal sites. In a fog of near brain-stem repetitive motion, I fed CDs into the machine while the more developed sections of my mind chugged away. The overall subject of all this processing was a fairly in-depth personal progress report and self-evaluation. I believe there might actually be something wrong with me.

Behind this cut is a hodgepodge of disconnected personal observations and a wee bit of emotional rubbish.Collapse )

'round about 03:00 I realized it was time to head home, but the woman who does the show after mine hadn't shown up yet. I queued up some boring ethereal new age crap to give her some leeway in case she was just running a little late. then some more. and some more. around 04:00 I realized that she was probably not showing up. at 05:00 there's a 1 hour long syndicated program that I started, and then sat around waiting for the guy who does the next show to get in. that happened at 05:45. So I was at KRCL, alone, for 5 hours. They owe me.

Heh heh heh.

Only because djdelilah asked...

I'm posting the two things I believe I'm a hybrid of. I also took the liberty of striking out the things that don't apply to me. Read more...Collapse )


He was strong and beautiful.

bright in color, bright in spirit.

A good fighter and a good friend.

Goodbye, Retribution.

If you see Vengeance in fishy Valhalla, tell him I'm sorry.

wasting time...

I've just spent the last two hours of my life reading bad webcomics and listening to Disney's Greatest Hits.

Whether good or bad...

I don't mind remembering,

I hate being reminded.